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What Is an Orthodontist’s Job?

An orthodontist creates a treatment plan and uses dental appliances to move teeth and jaws into the correct position. While dentists can also straighten teeth, orthodontists have more training since they complete a two- to three-year residency program in orthodontics after dental school where they learn about tooth movement and facial development. Only dentists who complete their residency at an American Dental Association approved university can call themselves orthodontists. It is one of the nine dental specialties the American Dental Association recognizes.

If you have preteen or teenagers, your family dentist may recommend one of your children visit an orthodontist in West Chester. If so, we would love to welcome you to our office. Please call our office to schedule a consultation. You do not need a referral from your general dentist to schedule an appointment.

When Do Orthodontists Suggest Braces?

The most common reasons patients get braces in West Chester include, overbites, underbites, crossbites and crowded or unevenly spaced teeth. Besides creating an aesthetically pleasing smile, fixing these issues can help you avoid future pain or dental problems.

Orthodontists will also evaluate your bite, or how your top and bottom teeth meet. Straight teeth are important but so is your bite; misalignment can make it difficult to chew your food. Misalignment can also make it difficult to speak clearly.

Which Types of Braces Are the Most Popular?

Metal braces are still very popular as they are effective and affordable. Teens like creating their own look with colored bands in their favorite colors. Ceramic and invisible options are popular with adults and teens. Adults also frequently ask about removable clear aligner trays which gently move teeth into alignment. If you call and request a consultation, your orthodontist can go over your options and help you decide which will work best for you.

What Should Parents Know About Braces for Kids?

We often see children come in with their parents and a referral from their family dentist. Dentists know that getting a child’s teeth aligned will help them practice good oral hygiene so they can lower their risk of cavities. Kids shouldn’t feel like they are being picked on for having crooked teeth.

Parents are naturally concerned about the cost of treatment. We do everything possible to make orthodontic treatment affordable. We offer various dental appliances at different price points and accept many dental insurances.

We often hear children say they feel treatment will hurt. Initially, there is some discomfort as your child gets used to wearing their appliance but they quickly get used to them. Our team will put your child at ease and address any concerns you have before beginning treatment. We find most children’s reluctance stems from not knowing how the process works and how long it will take.

Parents should also realize orthodontic treatment takes a major commitment. They will need to take their child to numerous adjustment appointments for 18 to 24 months. Parents also have to watch what they make for dinner to make sure their kids don’t eat any foods that they are not supposed to eat.

How Do Adult Braces Work?

Orthodontics is not just for children and teens; about 25 percent of orthodontic patients are over age 18. It’s not just 20 and 30 year-olds getting orthodontic treatment, it is also people age 50 and older. Getting oral appliances later in life has become quite trendy.

We often see adults who were sorry they didn’t get orthodontic treatment as teens. Others did have treatment, but they were careless and didn’t wear their retainers and their teeth reverted back to their original position.

Men and women see adult celebrities, friends and co-workers with dental appliances and decide it’s time to act. There are many discrete options for adults which are hardly noticeable. Adult orthodontic treatment can take slightly longer, but it is just as effective. Our orthodontist in West Chester can recommend different types of braces suitable for adults. Call our office to book your consultation today.

What Braces Cost Should I Expect?

People expect orthodontic treatment to be expensive, but we try to make it affordable for our patients. The two main factors which affect your cost are the dental appliance you select and the length of your treatment. For our patient’s convenience, we accept most major dental insurance plans. Please check your policy for specifics on orthodontic treatment coverage. We also have financing options as few patients are prepared to pay the total cost upfront. If you call us to set up a consultation, you can get an idea of what you can expect to pay.

Where Can I Find an Orthodontist Near Me?

If you need braces in West Chester, please call our office to arrange an appointment. We strive to offer the highest quality orthodontic treatment in a friendly, comfortable setting. Call us today at (484) 643-4417 or book an appointment online.

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