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It’s never too late to achieve the smile you want. If crowding, spacing or bite issues are affecting your confidence, getting braces in West Chester may be an effective solution. Our affordable braces are available in a variety of styles to suit your dental needs and budget.

Dentists recommend orthodontics to patients struggling with alignment and spacing issues, including uneven bites, overlapping teeth or gapped teeth. While orthodontics can improve your facial structure and appearance, the benefits are more than cosmetic. Aligning your teeth can make it easier to speak, chew and practice great oral hygiene.

A beautiful smile is within your reach — schedule your appointment by giving us a call.

Affordable Orthodontics in Your Neighborhood

When straightening your teeth is your goal, you might wonder where to start. If you’ve said, “I need to find a braces dentist near me,” you’ll find what you’re searching for at our practice. Our experienced dentists are here to help patients of all ages achieve straighter smiles while protecting their dental health. We’re here to ensure you feel comfortable from your first braces visit to your last by answering your questions about insurance, pricing or our payment options. See what’s possible with braces — call us now.

What Happens During the Braces Process?

Understanding the steps involved when getting braces in West Chester can help ease any anxiety you have about treatment. The first step involves cleaning and drying your teeth. Then, a bonding glue is applied to the teeth that will securely hold the brackets. These brackets are attached to the archwire, and then the appliance is secured with rubber bands. The entire process is painless and should only take one appointment. You’ll return to our office periodically throughout treatment for adjustments as your teeth progress.

What Kinds of Braces Are There?

You might be surprised to learn that braces are available in several styles. The most popular type, traditional metal braces, are effective for patients of all ages. Metal appliances often are the most affordable option for those with severe alignment issues. Ceramic braces function identically to metal appliances, but the brackets are made with tooth-colored material instead of metal. Ceramic styles create a more seamless look but can cost more than metal varieties.

Many busy teens and adults choose invisible braces, often referred to as invisible aligners. This treatment option involves a series of clear, flexible plastic trays that are switched out as your teeth move to the desired position. The trays are fully removable and are typically taken out to drink and eat.

What type of braces are right for you? Contact us to find out.

Can I Find Affordable Orthodontics Near Me?

Our dentists understand that getting orthodontics is a major financial decision for many families. You might wonder, “How much do braces cost and is it in my budget?” Fortunately, there are many options available that can help you afford orthodontics. Insurance plans sometimes offer coverage for braces, so it’s important to contact your provider before receiving care.

Your location, the type of orthodontics you choose and how long you’ll wear the appliance will also factor into your out-of-pocket expenses. Our team members are here to help you understand the total cost, insurance and what payment options are available. Many patients choose our flexible financing option, which allows them to pay the total cost over installments. A straighter smile is possible, give us a call to explore your options.

How Long Do Most People Need Braces?

When starting orthodontics, most patients want to see results as fast as possible. However, it’s important to align teeth safely while ensuring good oral health. Our dentist will evaluate your teeth regularly throughout the process to make sure all is on track.

After having the appliance put on for the first time or after an adjustment, it’s common to feel some soreness. We recommend treating any discomfort with pain relievers from the drugstore; however, extreme pain should be evaluated by a dentist. If the pain doesn’t subside after a couple weeks, give our office a call.

The average braces patient completes treatment in less than two years. More severe cases may take longer to correct.

Are Retainers Necessary?

When your treatment is complete, the dentist will remove the archwire and brackets using a small pair of pliers. This procedure is painless and administered in a single visit. Afterward, you’ll be able to begin enjoying the advantages of a straighter smile.

The dentist may suggest a retainer to preserve your newly aligned teeth. Retainers are usually worn overnight and are custom-fitted to your mouth. Without wearing your retainer regularly, shifting is possible. Give us a call if you have questions about our affordable retainers.

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