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At least 75% of Americans suffer from some degree of periodontal or gum disease. This damaging infection can destroy the jawbone and gum tissues that support your teeth. People who have gingivitis or periodontitis require ongoing treatment and tend to struggle with managing their condition. With poor at-home care, the disease will get worse, leading to tooth and bone loss, and other systemic diseases.

However, now we offer Perio Protect®, a treatment that prevents gingivitis and periodontitis from getting worse. In combination with in-office treatments, such as teeth cleanings, this at-home treatment can help to fight gum disease by preventing the spread and buildup of bacteria. To get more information about it, arrange to see one of our expert Perio Protect dentists.

What’s the Perio Protect Technique?

Perio Protect is an extensive—and noninvasive—gum disease treatment. Periodontitis and gingivitis aren’t curable, so effective treatment has required constant management with surgery, root planing and tooth scaling. However, the wounds created by these painful and unpleasant procedures leave you susceptible to bacterial growth as you wait for them to heal. Also, the improvements that traditional treatments provide are only temporary.

Perio Protect treatment is supported by a host of research and dental technology. Being trated with its patented Perio Trays, which hold prescription medication, could mean that you won’t need invasive procedures.

Similar to mouthguards, they have a patented seal that keeps the medicine, containing 1.7% hydrogen peroxide, inside the trays. Rather than leaking into your mouth, the medicine will reach the bacteria deep in your gums and kill them. In fact, this treatment can get to areas in your mouth where brushing, flossing and using mouth rinses can’t reach. The medicine fully cleans your periodontal pockets, where the bacterial buildup occurs. As a result, the bacteria won’t grow there again.

When Does Perio Protect Produce Results?

The time it takes to see results from your treatment will depend on several factors, including your Perio Protect length of treatment. One of our skillful dentists will create a mold of your mouth, which will be provided to to a lab that will make your personalized Perio Trays with an internal seal. Also, your dentist will let you know how often and for how long you’ll need to wear the trays to achieve the Perio Protect results that will improve your oral health.

In general, the trays are safe to be worn every day for 10 to 15 minutes each time, and some patients use the trays and medication multiple times a day. Once the initial round of treatment gets the infection under control, our dentists typically reduce the frequency and duration of use. After that, our patients continue to use the treatment to manage the disease.

Patient Perio Protect reviews suggest that most people see results from the treatment after just six months of use. According to research and trials, 75% of people have less gum bleeding. Meanwhile, the treatment eliminates as much as 90% of gum disease-causing bacteria. Schedule an appointment to learn more about the results you could experience.

What Benefits Does Perio Protect Offer?

There are several benefits of being treated with Perio Protect in Thorndale. However, the main ones are that it’s less invasive, more effective and more comfortable than the typical procedures used to maintain minimal bacteria under the gums. Even if you need surgery to get the infection under control, the trays are an ideal supplement to traditional treatments.

Because of the efficiency of the trays, there’s less risk for having other health issues, including Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease and colon cancer. In addition, Perio Protect reviews from patients consistently praise the unexpected benefits of fresher breath and whiter teeth.

Is Special Training Necessary for Perio Protect Dentists?

Not all dental practices can provide Perio treatment. Actually, not every practice knows about this innovative technique. To be certified to prescribe the Perio Trays and medicine, dentists must complete a series of courses, meetings, webinars, seminars and self-study courses. They study both the capabilities and limitations of Perio Protect and also learn how to integrate it into existing treatment plans.

How Much Does Treatment with Perio Protect Cost?

Since your treatment depends on each patient’s specific needs, there isn’t a standard price. Your Perio Protect cost will include making the trays, how much medication you use and how frequently you wear the trays. One of our knowledgeable dentists will estimate your costs and let you know more about affordable Perio Protect.

Will Dental Insurance Pay for Perio Protect?

Another factor that affects your Perio Protect cost is your dental insurance coverage. Find out if Perio Protect treatment is covered by asking your insurer if code D5994 is included in your policy.

Does Perio Protect Work for Everyone?

If you have gingivitis or periodontitis, but don’t want to undergo invasive treatment, check to see if getting Perio Protect in Thorndale would be right for you. Our Perio Protect dentists will gladly consult with you and let you know if you’re a good candidate.

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