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Did you know that visiting a dentist for oral health therapy, teeth cleaning and a dental exam in Thorndale is an important part of establishing and maintain your oral health? If you’ve been looking for a trusted provider of dental care to do those things for you, then you’re in luck.

Our respected practice is devoted to both improving and protecting the dental health of all of our patients. We work to make sure our patients feel great about the way that their smiles look and feel. In order to achieve this, we provide our patients with a full offering of dental health treatments and services. Our services range from dental exams to dental cleanings to oral health therapies. We even offer gum disease treatment for all stages of periodontal disease.

Are you uncomfortable about visiting the dentist because it’s been a while since you’ve last been in? There’s no need to be. Our team will do everything possible to ensure that you’re comfortable throughout the treatment process. One of our highly qualified dentists will perform a dental exam during your first visit to our office. During this visit, he or she will thoroughly examine your teeth, mouth and gums for any signs of current or developing issues.

Common concerns that our dentists look out for include:

  • Tooth decay
  • Grinding the teeth
  • Oral Cancer
  • Loss of bone
  • Advanced gum disease

Once the dentist has an idea of what needs to be done, he or she will provide you with a treatment plan and an estimate of the cost of your treatment. No matter what dental health care issues you have, you can rest assured that you are in the hands of a compassionate team of dental health care providers. Perhaps that’s why so many of our patients have developed long-term relationships with the dentists in our practice. If you would like to be welcomed into our practice, pick up the phone and book a consultation with us as soon as possible. We look forward to helping you to achieve all of your oral health goals.

Where Can I Receive Dental Cleanings and Gum Treatments?

Our practice highly recommends that our patients come in to have their teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis. We generally recommend that you come in at least once a year, preferably two. If you have other issues, we may recommend that you come for a professional cleaning more often. While brushing and flossing can get rid of the substance made of bacteria that is known is plaque, there are often places within the mouth that a toothbrush and floss can’t reach. When this happens, plaque is given the opportunity to harden into a material called calculus. Eventually, calculus will begin to attack and break down the tooth’s enamel, leading to dental decay. Pursuing professional cleanings can prevent this from happening. If there is already an accumulation of calculus present, only a professional will be able to remove it.

In addition to causing tooth decay, the bacteria within plaque and calculus can also affect the gums. This bacteria leads to gingivitis, which is the initial stage of gum disease. Signs that you have gingivitis include gums that are sensitive, red, swollen or bleeding whenever you floss and brush. Getting gingivitis treated early on is important. If the disease is left untreated, it will eventually turn into advanced gum disease, also called periodontal disease. This form of gum disease can lead to you losing your teeth. It can even lead to bone damage. If you are in need of periodontal treatment, contact our office as soon as possible. It’s imperative that you address the issue in order to avoid further oral health problems from developing.

Can You Treat My Chronic Bad Breath?

Chronic bad breath is an issue that some of our patients bring up when they have a dental exam. Medically known as halitosis, this embarrassing condition can occur at any time. It is generally caused by dental decay, poor oral hygiene habits or the foods that you eat. More than 25% of people in America struggle with this issue. Talking to your dentist about the problem will allow your dentist to develop a treatment plan for your bad breath. Our dentist will provide you with professional cleanings, at-home dental hygiene recommendations and specialized treatments. Following these treatments will allow you to address and control your bad breath quickly and easily.

Why Is It So Important to Be Screened for Oral Cancer?

Since there usually aren’t any visible symptoms of oral cancer until the life-threatening disease has already spread, it is incredibly important to have an oral cancer screening done as a part of your dental exam. If oral cancer is caught early enough, the chances of successfully treating it are greater. Our dentists recommend that everyone over the age of 18 receive regular screenings.

If you are in need of having your teeth cleaned or a dental exam in Thorndale, contact our office to book your appointment.

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