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Are you struggling with oral discomfort due to a severely damaged tooth? Teeth can become significantly damaged by gum disease, injury, and decay. In some cases, a restoration like a filling or crown isn’t enough to repair the damage. When this occurs, your dentist may recommend a tooth extraction in Springfield.

Finding out that a tooth extraction is necessary causes many people to feel nervous. Fortunately, teeth extractions generally are straightforward procedures with a short healing time. They can also relieve any pain you’re experiencing as a result of the damaged tooth. The guide below outlines what to expect during a dental extraction procedure.

What Is the Typical Tooth Extraction Cost?

Many patients have questions about the tooth removal cost when faced with an extraction. Generally speaking, your insurance coverage, the type of extraction, and how difficult it will be to remove the tooth will determine the total cost. Oral surgeries tend to be more costly than extractions performed at the dentist’s office, for example.

During your consultation, the dentist will evaluate the tooth’s damage and determine if a surgery is necessary. The dentist will also provide information about the estimated cost, insurance and our payment options.

When Is Oral Surgery Necessary for Tooth Extraction?

If your tooth hasn’t fully erupted through the gums or is only partially erupted, surgery may be necessary to remove it. Dentists recommend getting a tooth pulled at an oral surgeon’s practice if they cannot extract the tooth using forceps. If this is the case, you will receive a referral to a reputable local oral surgeon.

When Is Extraction the Only Option?

While we aim to always save your tooth, there are instances where it simply isn’t possible. Teeth with significant cavities, severe periodontal disease, or an injury affecting the majority of the tooth often will need to be pulled. A few situations requiring an extraction are discussed later in this guide.

Do Dentists Pull Severely Cracked, Broken, or Decayed Teeth?

Severely decayed, cracked, or broken teeth should always be evaluated by a general dentist. If the tooth is only damaged midway, a root canal may be administered to fix the damage. However, there are some cases where a root canal isn’t possible. If an extraction is recommended, the dentist will also explain the various restorative options available, including dental implants. If you’re experiencing oral pain due to a damaged tooth, don’t delay – call us now to book your visit.

Why Must Baby Teeth be Pulled?

Sometimes, baby teeth must be extracted if they are preventing an adult tooth from erupting. Baby teeth can also develop infection or large cavities, causing discomfort that can only be eliminated by having the tooth pulled. If your child is experiencing oral pain, we can help. Contact us now to schedule an appointment.

Does Severe Periodontal Disease Cause Extractions?

The leading cause of tooth loss, advanced gum disease can cause teeth to dislodge as the ligaments become damaged. This can also cause severe discomfort, and an extraction may be the only treatment option.

Will All Wisdom Teeth Need to be Pulled?

The wisdom teeth are a third set of molars that usually emerge during your teens or young adult years. However, most people do not have large enough jaws to accommodate them, causing them to become impacted under the gums or infected. As the wisdom teeth remain caught under the gums, it can cause pain and damage. The teeth can also grow in at an angle, making surgery necessary to remove them. We recommend removing the wisdom teeth as quickly as possible to avoid complications, and we may recommend an oral surgeon if the teeth are impacted.

Why Do Dentists Pull Extra Adult Teeth?

Having extra teeth in your mouth can cause crowded teeth. Dentists will often recommend a tooth extraction before orthodontic treatment to allow the teeth to shift into the proper position.

Why Is Extraction Aftercare Important?

Caring for your mouth following an extraction allows a blood clot to form and reduces the risk of dry socket, a painful condition. Your dentist will give you proper care instructions after your procedure and will also provide tips for reducing pain or swelling. If you have questions about the post-procedure process, please contact our office.

How Long Does the Tooth Extraction Healing Process Take?

After having a tooth pulled, most people can start engaging in moderate activities after the first 24 hours. Your dentist will likely recommend avoiding strenuous activities until the incision has healed. Oral surgeries usually have a longer recovery time than simple extractions. Give us a call if you have questions about healing time or aftercare instructions.

If your tooth is broken or severely decayed, there’s no need to suffer. Instead, call our office to find out if a tooth extraction in Springfield is necessary. We’re here to help you restore your dental health.

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