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The American Dental Association suggests that you schedule a dental exam at least once a year to maintain good oral health. Many dentists, including ours, recommend that their healthy patients come in every six months for a cleaning and checkup to take care of any problems while they are still minor issues.

Interested in Finding a New Dentist for a Dental Exam in Collingdale or a Dental Cleaning?

You can often avoid costly, painful problems by maintaining your dental health with regular checkups. If you’re new in town or haven’t seen a dentist in years, please call us and schedule a dental exam. Our team is compassionate and welcoming; we won’t judge you on how long it has been since you’ve visited a dentist. We will help you get back on the track to good oral health. Before your exam, you will need to provide a medical history and a list of your medications.

During your dental exam, our dentist will:

  • Review your X-rays
  • Inspect your teeth
  • Evaluate your gum health
  • Look for any signs of bone loss
  • Check your restorations
  • Screen for oral cancer
  • Ask you if you have questions

If your dentist discovers any problems, he or she will explain your treatment options. You may ask any member of our team questions about cost, your insurance coverage or anything else that will affect which option you choose. Call us today to schedule your exam. New patients are welcome.

Where Can I Get Both Teeth Cleanings and Gum Disease Treatment?

Even if you have healthy teeth and they look clean, a professional teeth cleaning is an essential part of the preventative care services we offer. Plaque is invisible and there are always places you cannot reach well with brushing and flossing. If you don’t have professional cleanings, the buildup can cause dental decay and gum disease. Having a cleaning is painless and after having your teeth polished with a gritty paste, your teeth will feel smooth and clean. Your breath will also smell fresh. After your cleaning, your dental hygienist may suggest a fluoride treatment to help protect your tooth enamel.

Gingivitis, an early, reversible stage of gum disease, can result from plaque and tartar buildup on the teeth by the gumline. Regular professional cleanings will remove the plaque and tartar, but if you don’t get regular cleanings, the plaque will make your gums swell. If you have gingivitis, you’ll notice that your gums appear bright red, puffy and they often bleed when you are brushing your teeth or flossing. If you notice these symptoms, call our office to request an appointment. We like to catch gingivitis early since it’s possible that it could turn into periodontal disease. If so, you will need periodontal treatment to keep the disease from progressing and possibly resulting in tooth loss.

Do Dentists Offer Cures for Chronic Bad Breath?

The medical term for chronic bad breath is halitosis. No matter what you call it, bad breath is embarrassing. If you notice people backing away as you speak, you may have bad breath and not realize it. Our dentist treats chronic bad breath after determining the cause. Typically, plaque is the culprit. If this is the case, our dentist will suggest a dental cleaning and a mouth rinse to keep your mouth clean in between professional cleanings. He or she may also suggest scraping or brushing your tongue daily. Decay and gum disease also can cause bad breath. Our dentist will check for these conditions during your exam. If you have chronic dry mouth, this will cause bad breath because there isn’t enough saliva flowing to wash away plaque. Try drinking more water and chewing sugarless gum. Call us today to schedule an appointment to talk to our dentist about why you have bad breath and what you can do about it.

Is an Oral Cancer Screening Necessary During My Exam?

According to The Oral Cancer Foundation, oral cancer causes more than 9,750 deaths each year—that’s one every hour. It’s often discovered late, after it has spread. Oral cancer is very easy to detect early with a basic screening and it’s highly treatable in the early stages.

We highly recommend a screening for all of our adult patients. Early detection often makes the difference in how successful treatment is for a patient. You may have had a screening in the past and not realized it; the screening only takes a few moments. Our dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth visually and feel for any lumps. There’s no pain and no needles are involved so there’s no reason not to have a screening.

If you’re looking for a combination screening for oral cancer and dental exam in Collingdale, please call us to set up an appointment.

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