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If you have trouble talking and chewing food because some of your teeth are missing, you can get dentures to restore function, speak clearly and smile confidently.

Since traditional dentures are known for not staying in place, we recommend thinking about implant-supported dentures. These teeth replacement devices are more secure than traditional dentures and offer superior support and function. Call us today to learn more.

What Is a Denture Implant?

Although implant overdentures function similar to how traditional dentures work, they don’t just sit in your mouth on top of your gums. Instead, they’re connected to dental implants using snap-on attachments. Because of that, you can speak and eat meals with no chance of them slipping out.

Although implant-supported dentures connect to implants, they’re removable. As a matter of fact, they aren’t meant for overnight wear and need daily cleaning.

When you’re missing teeth but have enough jawbone to support implants, affordable quality implant-supported dentures are ideal. In most cases, people get them for their lower jaws because that’s where conventional dentures have the least stability. Our dentist, though, can fit you for upper jaw denture implants too. Schedule a consultation with us to discuss your options.

How Are Implant-Supported Dentures Applied? How Do They Function?

Implant dentures come in two main forms, and they both need at least two implants per arch to support them. Also, they have a gum-colored acrylic base and either porcelain or acrylic teeth that blend in with the shape and shade of your natural teeth.

The first type of dentures are bar-retained, which feature a metal bar that’s connected to as many as five implants. Some type of attachment, such as clips, secure the fake teeth into place over the bar. Because of that, the metal is concealed.

Ball-retained is the second type of implant-supported dentures. They have connectors on the end of the implants that are shaped like balls. These connectors fit into the sockets that are on the dentures, securing your denture in place.

Our dentist will recommend the best type of dentures for your situation. During your consultation, we’ll review your medical and dental histories. The dentist may request X-rays and run other tests as part of fitting you for dentures and implants. In order for the lab to make your dentures accurately, we’ll get an impression of your gums and teeth to send off.

Most of the time, implant dentures require two office visits. The initial visit involves having the dentist insert the implants into your jawbone. Afterward, your jaw and gums need to heal for a couple of months. When you visit the second time, the dentist will expose the implant tops and attach the dentures. Talk to our dentist about being fitted for denture implants in one trip.

What’s the Cost of Implant Overdentures?

The price for implant-supported dentures isn’t fixed. The reason is that several factors impact the overall cost. When you need more implants than the minimum and more follow-up visits compared to the norm, your cost of denture implants increases. However, you can reduce your cost by choosing acrylic artificial teeth instead of porcelain. Your implant-supported dentures cost will decrease further if you use a discount plan or have insurance. Get a detailed estimate following a consultation.

Implant-Supported Dentures: What Are the Benefits?

You can benefit greatly from denture implants. For example, you don’t have to worry about them moving around or falling out while you eat meals and chat with friends. Regaining these normal activities will boost your self-confidence. Also, you’ll get to eat foods that you couldn’t with missing teeth. However, it’s still important to avoid sticky, hard foods to prevent damaging your dentures.

Furthermore, implant-supported dentures for the upper jaw don’t cover as much of the roof of your mouth as traditional dentures. They don’t rely on suction to remain in place like other removable devices. Instead, they’re attached to dental implants via connectors. Talk to our dentist to learn more about the benefits of implant overdentures.

Is Taking Care of Denture Implants Easy?

You must clean your affordable quality implant-supported dentures every morning and evening to ensure that they work properly and look good. Cleaning them regularly also prevents bacterial growth in your mouth and on your dentures.

To perform a cleaning correctly, all that you need is a soft toothbrush and either toothpaste or a mild hand or dish soap. For a deeper clean, you could get a proxabrush, which reaches around the tips, and a denture cleaner. Before you begin, remove your implant-supported dentures. Then, gently brush them with horizontal movements. You could get a dental threader to floss tight areas as well.

Are Implant Overdentures Better Than Other Treatments?

When you want a comfortable, lasting way to replace missing teeth, it’s sensible to choose implant overdentures rather than other types. They can build your confidence to smile again, and the implants can help retain your jaw shape. Set up an appointment with our dentist for implant-supported dentures in Blue Bell today.

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