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What’s a Dental Filling?

A tooth filling is an important tool for fixing a cavity. If you have a decayed spot on a tooth, one of our exceptional dentists can help. They’ll remove the decay and install a filling in your tooth. The tooth filling keeps the decay from spreading, and also restores your tooth to its original shape and strength. A filling stops the damage so it doesn’t get worse.

Understanding Dental Crowns and Bridges

Sometimes a filling isn’t enough to fix a problem. A tooth that’s extensively decayed or eroded might need a crown to restore it. A crown is a special cap that’s permanently placed over your tooth. It seals off the decay and makes your tooth strong enough to keep doing its job of biting and chewing. If you’re missing a tooth, you might need a dental bridge. A dental bridge is a custom-made appliance that fills the gap left by your missing tooth. It keeps your teeth and jaw in alignment to avoid causing more problems.

Can Any Dentist Provide Tooth Fillings, Crowns, and Bridges?

Fillings, crowns for teeth, and bridges are all offered by our dental experts. They have the training and experience needed to provide these special restoration treatments. You can have these procedures done in the same comfortable setting where you get your teeth cleaned—there’s no need to travel far or visit a different office.

The Cost of a Filling, Dental Bridge, or Crown

We want our patients to be comfortable with all aspects of their treatment. If you need a filling, dental bridge, or tooth crown, we’ll discuss your options and educate you on the choices. The price of a dental filling, crown, or bridge varies based on the materials used and which tooth needs fixing. Our knowledgeable staff will give you a comprehensive tooth filling cost estimate before we begin any work. We also can work with your dental insurance provider to make sure you get the most out of your benefits.

What Are the Different Kinds of Dental Fillings?

Tooth fillings can be made from several different types of materials. An amalgam filling is made from a mixture of metals. It’s silver in color and very strong. We often recommend amalgam fillings for molars in the back of your mouth.

We also offer composite fillings made from a special resin. These fillings match the color of your teeth, which makes them a great choice for fillings in your front teeth.

Learning More About Different Types of Crowns

Dental caps (crowns) can be made from different types of materials. Base metal alloy crowns are very strong and don’t damage other teeth when you chew. These types of crowns are a good choice for back teeth. If your front tooth needs a crown, we might recommend an all-ceramic (porcelain-based) or porcelain-fused-to-metal crown. These match the color of your teeth, so your smile will look natural. Gold alloy crowns are another option, but they’re more expensive. We’ll gladly answer any questions about your dental crown cost and which option is best for you.

Are There Different Types of Bridges?

If you need a dental bridge, your dentist has several choices. Traditional dental bridges are best when there’s a permanent tooth on both sides of the gap. Our dentists can attach a traditional bridge to those existing teeth. When we’re finished, your smile will be fully restored and the gap won’t be visible at all. If you only have one permanent tooth beside your gap, we can install a cantilever bridge. Our highly skilled dentists can provide a solution for your missing teeth. Contact us today to discuss your options and any concerns you might have about your dental bridge cost.

What to Expect During a Tooth Crown Procedure

Getting a crown installed over your tooth requires several visits. On the initial visit, we’ll take measurements of your mouth and install a temporary crown if you need one. A special dental lab will fabricate the crown to match your specifications. When the crown is ready, we’ll schedule another appointment for you, where we’ll remove the temporary crown and permanently bond the permanent crown to your tooth.

How Is a Tooth Bridge Installed?

A tooth bridge installation also requires several visits. During your first visit, we’ll take impressions of your gap and install a temporary bridge. The permanent bridge will be made in a lab to fit the exact measurements of your mouth. We’ll schedule another visit for you to return and have the permanent bridge installed.

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