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Fitness and Health Guide For Kids

Playing outside for an hour is a fun way to spend an afternoon, but it’s also good for you. Many kids don’t exercise enough, and this can make them sick when they get older. Physical exercise helps strengthen your body, but when adults talk about fitness, it means eating right and making healthy decisions as well as exercising. The good news is that making healthy choices and exercising is really easy and fun!

Bicycling Activity Card

Did you know that you only need to eat 100 calories worth of food to bike for three miles? A bicycle ride is a great way to exercise.

Be a Fit Kid

Being fit means that your body feels and looks good. Here are five rules to follow if you want to be a fit kid!

Banana Jungle Pops (PDF)

Good health starts with healthy snacks. This recipe for Banana Jungle Pops is easy to make, fun to eat, and good for your body.

Kids Rock Nutrition in the Kitchen

One of the best ways to learn about eating healthy is to practice making healthy food. In this video, kids work with a professional chef to make three nutritious meals.

Smiles for Life: Brushing Your Teeth

Sharks might be able to replace teeth all through their life, but humans can’t, so it’s important to take care of them. This article will tell you how to brush your teeth to get rid of all of the yucky plaque that can cause tooth decay and bad breath.

Interactive Sound Ruler: How Loud Is Too Loud?

If you listen to a lot of noises that are too loud, you can damage your sense of hearing forever! Check out this online sound ruler to learn which noises are OK and which ones to stay away from.

Indoor Physical Activity Ideas for Kids (PDF)

Rainy days can make it impossible to play or exercise outside. However, there are plenty of ways to have fun indoors.

Brain Fitness: Your Guide to Good Brain Health

If you break a bone, it’ll grow back together, but your brain is much harder to heal. Protect your head with these tips for brain fitness.

InnerG Online Game

Your body has many different parts that work together. Find out how to keep each of them healthy with this fun game!

Scrub Club: Six Steps to Wash Your Hands

Bacteria and germs are everywhere, and if they get inside your body, they can make you very sick. Don’t give them that chance! This game will teach you the six steps for washing your hands.

Food Smarts: Myths and Facts

You may have heard that eating a candy bar can give you more energy, but it can actually make you feel more tired than before. Find out about more common food and nutrition myths on this page from PBS Kids.

Good for Your Bones: Jumping Rope

Your bones are what keep you standing tall and running fast. To help your bones grow stronger, check out this exercise.

What Is Fitness?

It’s good to be healthy, but how do you know if you’re fit or not? This page explains what fitness is.

Choose Water as a Drink

Drinking lots of soda can cause tooth decay and can make you feel slow and sluggish. Water is a better drink for your health, and this article explains why!

Philadelphia Dentists: Philadelphia General Dentists

Taking care of your teeth can be tricky. If your teeth start to hurt, a dentist can help make them better.

Derek’s Thrilling Victory

When you twist an ankle or get a cut, it might hurt a lot. Don’t worry: There are different ways to relieve pain, and in this online comic, Derek explains how he dealt with his pain after a skateboarding accident.

Be Smart in the Sun

Playing outside in the sunshine is good for you, but staying out too long can be bad. Always wear sunscreen and sunglasses to protect your skin and eyes.

Kids Health Galaxy

From asthma to hospital visits, there’s a lot to learn about health. Follow Joey as he introduces you to life inside a hospital in this animated online world.

Kids’ State Dinner Cookbook (PDF)

Want to try cooking fancy, healthy meals? This free book has tons of recipes from kids!

Philadelphia Dentists

One of the great things about dentists is that you can find them just about anywhere! No matter where you live, a dentist will be nearby to help you look after your teeth.

Life’s Simple 7 for Kids

It may seem like there are a lot of steps to staying healthy and lots of rules to follow. These seven easy rules will help you live better and longer.

Staying Healthy Every Day (PDF)

Washing your hands helps you stay healthy, but that’s only one part of what it takes to keep germs away. Follow these steps to stay clean all day long.

Three Things Kids Can Do to Stay Healthy

Getting healthy doesn’t have to take years and years. It can start today just by doing these three things.

Why Is it Important to Stay Healthy?

Exercising might sound like a lot of work, and it can be easy to get frustrated. Being healthy will make you feel better, look better, and be able to live better, too!

Tips for Getting Fit

So you’ve decided you want to be fit: Where do you start? This page has a list of questions you can ask to help set up a routine that works.

Philadelphia Dentists: Philadelphia Cosmetic Dentists

Eating certain foods, like coffee or tea, can make your teeth turn yellow. If this happens, a dentist will be able to get your teeth back to a pearly white.

Nutrient Machine Madness Game

Different kinds of food have different health benefits. Find the right foods to power the Nutrient Machine in this online game!

Superveggies to the Rescue!

Have you ever heard of a purple carrot? They really exist, and superveggies like the purple carrot can make a huge difference in a healthy diet.

Parasite Pet Shop

It’s important to make sure that the food you eat is clean. Otherwise, you could accidentally adopt a parasite! Learn all about these creepy crawlies and how to avoid them with this game from Discovery Kids.

Food Detectives: The Bac That Kept Growing

Bacteria love to grow, but they can be stopped with heat or soap. Join the Food Detectives in their quest to make sure that Bacteria stops growing once and for all!

SCI: Skin Cancer Investigation

The skin is the largest organ in your body, which means it can hurt a lot if it gets burned or damaged. The SCI Team is here to explain how to keep your skin healthy and safe from skin cancer.

Tips for Children (PDF)

Exercising doesn’t have to be work: It can be a fun family activity. This page was designed for grown-ups, but it has a lot of good ideas that you can suggest to your parents!

Food Safety at Home and School and When Eating Out (PDF)

There are lots of times, both at home and at school, when washing your hands will help keep you safe. Color your way through this activity booklet and learn all about food safety.

Make Your Own Workout!

A good workout includes several different parts that work out different parts of your body. Make your own customized workout plan and print it out to use at home.

Kids Take Action: Five Simple Steps to Success (PDF)

Keeping a healthy weight as a kid can mean a much healthier life as an adult. Follow these five steps to develop healthy habits that will last your whole life.

Blast Off! Nutrition Game

Do you know what it takes to make a healthy meal? Test your skills by fueling up this spaceship with a day’s worth of meals, but be careful: It needs a healthy mix of food to fly!

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