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If you are looking for affordable quality dentures, Gentle Dental of Pennsylvania offers expert dental services at reasonable prices to help you and your family look and feel your best.

Our team will help you resolve issues with missing or damaged teeth and will fill in those gaps in your smile to help you to feel more confident in social and professional situations. We offer comprehensive services for families in Philadelphia to ensure that they receive the right options for their current and future denture requirements.

Why Choose Dentures for Missing Teeth?

Missing teeth can result in changes to your facial structure and embarrassment about your smile and your appearance. Dentures are dental appliances that are designed to replace missing or broken teeth with artificial teeth. They generally consist of a plate or attachment point to which replacement teeth are affixed.

A removable denture, as its name suggests, is designed to come out for cleaning or at night for sleeping. Permanently attached dentures are secured to the surrounding teeth or are attached to dental implants for a more secure dental experience.

What Are the Various Types of Dentures?

At Gentle Dental of Pennsylvania, we will help you find the affordable quality dentures that are just right for your needs. Some of our most popular options include the following:

Full Denture

A full denture, also referred to as a complete denture, replaces all the teeth on the upper or lower row of your mouth. This type of denture generally requires extraction of all the teeth on that row. Your dentist will typically provide you with a temporary denture that will allow you to speak, bite and chew with greater confidence during the healing process. After your gums have healed, your dentist will take precise measurements and will make impressions of your gums to create the denture that is just right for your needs.

Partial Denture

If you are missing only a few teeth, your dentist may recommend a partial denture that will replace those teeth to help you achieve a healthier bite and a more attractive smile. The dentists at Gentle Dental of Pennsylvania will work with you to determine the most practical choice for your needs. These dental appliances are designed to clip onto the surrounding teeth and to provide a practical replacement for missing teeth that could affect your appearance and your ability to enjoy your favorite foods.

Flexible Partial Denture

Fabricated from flexible and lightweight materials, your flexible partial denture is designed to move with your mouth and to provide optimal comfort for you. These dentures are almost invisible when in use, which will allow you to feel more confident in your appearance every day.

Implant-supported Denture

Dental implants are small posts or attachment points that are surgically inserted into the bone of the jaw and allowed to heal in place. This allows your denture or artificial tooth replacement to be attached to the implant, providing a more secure bite and improved speaking ability.

What Are Implant-supported All-on-4® Dentures?

If you are considering an All-on-4® denture application, you should know that these procedures offer permanent replacements for your natural teeth. The complete upper or lower denture will be applied to four carefully placed implants, which will supply the support and attachment needed for these dental prostheses. The dental team at Gentle Dental of Pennsylvania is experienced in providing these revolutionary denture implants, which can save you money and time when compared to traditional styles of dentures.

What’s the Denture Procedure?

The first step in the denture design and application process is usually the removal of teeth that would be in the way of your denture. If you have several healthy teeth, your dentist may recommend a partial denture that allows these teeth to remain in place. Otherwise, an entire row of upper or lower teeth will be removed. If dental implants are needed, they will be put in place during this stage and allowed to heal.

After your gums have healed, your dentist will take impressions of your gums and will measure your mouth to ensure the best fit for your dentures. Your upper and lower denture will then be fabricated to fit your gums and to feel as comfortable as possible.

What Will My Dentures Cost?

The cost of your dentures depends on the materials used, the number of teeth to be replaced and the amount of work needed to prepare your mouth. If dental implants are required, this will cost somewhat more than traditional removable dentures. Our team will work with you to determine the best approach for your needs and your budgetary constraints.

Should I Get a Soft Denture Reline?

To help your dentures fit more comfortably, the dentists at Gentle Dental of Pennsylvania may apply a soft reline that provides an added layer of cushioning between your denture’s hard plate and the soft tissues of the gums and upper mouth.

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If you are looking for the most practical and attractive dentures in Philadelphia, call Gentle Dental of Pennsylvania today to schedule your consultation with our team. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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