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If you have a child, you are probably trying to find the answer to this commonly asked question: Where is the best children’s dentist near me?If so, you are in luck. Our practice provides families with the option of having children see a general dentist or a pediatric dentist.

A pediatric dentist is a dentist who has graduated from dental school, as well as undergone an extra two or more years of training in dentistry for children. Pediatric dentists are able to meet the unique dental health needs of children, while keeping kids and their parents at ease. When you come to our practice, you can rest assured that your child is in the best of hands. We will even help you establish good oral health routines at home.

Our passionate team always strives to provide the best kids’ dental care. Contact us to learn more about the pediatric dentistry services we offer.

How Old Should Kids Be When They First Visit a Dentist?

Most dental professionals recommend that kids be seen by a dentist before they turn one year old. Cavities can begin forming as soon as a tooth emerges and it is important to catch any problems early. A children’s dentist can also advise you on flossing techniques once your child has two teeth that touch one another. Regular flossing is important to prevent cavities from forming between the teeth.

If you have never heard of baby bottle tooth decay, then you are not alone. Many people haven’t heard of this condition, which leads to tooth decay in babies and toddlers. Liquids such as milk, juice, formula and sugar water can cause cavities if they remain on the teeth for too long. This often happens when a child goes to bed with a sippy cup or bottle. To avoid tooth decay, it is best that you never put your child to bed with a bottle or sippy cup.

What Should I Expect at My Child’s First Dentist Visit?

When you first visit us, our children’s dentist will assess your child’s comfort level. If the child is comfortable enough, the examination will occur in a dentist’s chair. Another alternative is for the dentist to perform the exam while your child sits in your lap. Your kid’s dentist will look for signs of cavities and jaw alignment issues during the examination.

Dental X-rays may be taken to find out if your child has tooth decay or other areas of concern; however, X-rays are generally not needed for small children.

Our experienced children’s dentist offers the following pediatric dental services:

  • Teeth Cleaning for Children: Professional teeth cleaning is important for good oral health. Our highly skilled team knows how to get your child to open wide so the cleaning can take place.
  • Fluoride: Our dentists can apply fluoride to the surface of your child’s teeth to reduce the risk of cavities forming.
  • Dental Sealants: Dental sealants are a thin covering of plastic. They are typically placed over the grooves in the back teeth to prevent food and bacteria from becoming trapped there.
  • Dental Bonding: If your child has a chipped or fractured tooth, our dentist may be able to repair it with tooth-colored materials.
  • Fillings: Small to moderate-sized cavities can be repaired with amalgam or tooth-colored fillings. Once the damaged part of the tooth is removed, the dentist will carefully fill the tooth.
  • Baby Root Canal: Severe toothaches can sometimes be caused by dental decay that has reached the soft tissue inside the tooth. When this happens, a root canal may be necessary to save your child’s tooth.
  • Pediatric Crowns: Large cavities can be repaired with a cap placed over the tooth. Crowns also are often utilized during root canals.
  • Mouthguards: If your child plays any kind of sports or takes part in athletic training, a mouthguard is a must. Mouthguards protect the mouth and the teeth from blows to the face. A custom-fitted mouthguard can save your child’s teeth.

How Old Will My Child Be When the Baby Teeth Come In?

While every child is different, most children will begin to get their baby teeth at six months of age.

How Old Will My Child Be When the Baby Teeth Fall Out?

Just like when it comes to baby teeth emerging, every child is different when it comes to their baby teeth falling out. In most cases, a child will begin losing their baby teeth sometime around the age of six.

Why Do Toothaches Happen to Children?

As experts in providing dentistry for kids, we are often asked why children get toothaches. Just like adults, children can experience toothaches caused by tooth decay, infections or severe injuries. If your child has a toothache, you should book an appointment as soon as possible with our exceptional children’s dentist in Philadelphia.

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