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Something as simple as smiling for the camera can be difficult when struggling with crooked, crowded or unevenly spaced teeth. If alignment issues are causing you to lose confidence, it may be time to consult with an experienced braces dentist.

We recommend our affordable braces in Philadelphia for a variety of orthodontic issues, including overbite, gapped teeth or overlapping teeth. Braces place gentle pressure on the teeth, slowly moving them into a more desirable position. Plus, patients of all ages can straighten their teeth with orthodontic treatment from teens to older adults. It’s never too late to achieve a healthy, straighter smile. Call us now to schedule an appointment.

Where Can You Get Braces?

When considering the benefits of a straighter smile, you may say, “I need to find a dentist near me that does braces.” At our practice, we’re committed to helping every patient achieve better oral health and an attractive, confident smile. Our dentists and team members will explain your insurance, payment and treatment options and ensure you feel comfortable from start to finish. Your personalized treatment plan will address your orthodontic issues as quickly as possible.

How Are Braces Put On?

No matter what style of braces in Philadelphia you choose, the process for attaching them is the same. During a painless procedure, the dentist will use a strong bonding glue to attach the brackets to your teeth followed by the archwire. You might find that the adhesive tastes unpleasant, but it isn’t harmful. The appliance is then held in place using rubber bands. If you have questions about what it’s like to get braces, please contact our office.

What Type of Braces Are Right for Me?

If you’re wondering “What kind of braces do I need?”, our dentists are ready to help you find the answer. We offer several types of affordable orthodontics from metal braces to clear aligners. The most popular type, metal, are ideal for those with severe alignment issues or for those desiring the most cost-effective option. Another choice, ceramic braces, can be higher in cost than their metal counterparts, but they offer a more seamless look since they are fabricated with tooth-colored materials.

Patients desiring a virtually undetectable solution for straightening teeth may be interested in invisible braces. This treatment choice involves a series of clear aligners that slowly shift teeth into alignment. Like traditional appliances, the aligners place pressure on the teeth, causing them to adjust. Invisible aligners are completely removable for eating and drinking or for special occasions. Dentists typically recommend clear aligners for teens and adults with mild to moderate orthodontic issues — they typically aren’t recommended for children.

During your appointment, your dentist will assess your orthodontic concerns and help you choose the right option.

Are Orthodontics Affordable?

Straightening your smile is a worthy goal, but for many people, staying within a budget also is a priority. In fact, many patients come to our dentists asking, “How much do braces cost?”

We’re here to help you understand the price of braces, your insurance and your payment options. What your dental plan covers, the type of appliance selected, where you live and the number of follow-up appointments you have will determine the final cost. It’s recommended to consult with your insurance provider when considering orthodontics as many plans offer some coverage.

Flexible financing is another option that can help make your orthodontics more affordable. These programs allow patients to repay the balance over several convenient installments. Please give us a call if you have questions regarding insurance, pricing or payment.

How Long Does It Take to Straighten Teeth?

Generally, the appointment to put on braces takes between one and two hours. It’s not uncommon to experience soreness afterward as your teeth adjust to the new appliance. Any pain should be easily managed with drugstore medication, but excessive pain should be evaluated by a dentist.

Treatment times vary according to the complexity of the alignment issues, but most of our patients achieve results in one to two years. Those with severe cases may take longer.

Schedule your consultation today to see what’s possible with our affordable orthodontics.

Are Retainers Necessary After Braces?

Most patients are excited to visit our office for their final orthodontics appointment, where the dentist removes the brackets and wires to reveal your new smile. During the pain-free procedure, a special pair of pliers is used to safely remove your appliance.

Afterward, your dentist may want to fit your teeth for a new retainer. Dental retainers are often worn following orthodontic treatment to keep teeth from shifting back to their original position. They are usually worn overnight for several years after treatment.

If you’ve been searching for experienced dentists in Philadelphia, give us a call today. We’ll schedule a consultation and help you determine the best dental solutions for your needs.

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